Timbaland Getting Divorced

According to TMZ, Timbaland is getting divorced. And his wife Monique Mosley actually wants him to pay for a child he didn’t even father.

In addition to their 5-year-old daughter, Monique has a 10-year-old from a previous relationship. But she considers Timbaland to be the father as well, apparently. Monique’s reasoning is that Timbaland has “”publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own.”

Monique also wants alimony, life insurance, private school, vacations, summer camp and other expenses. Claiming she is broke, she also wants Timbaland to pay the attorney fees.

In the alimony department, she says she wants money while divorce proceedings are pending, she wants a lump sum, she wants “rehabilitative alimony,” and permanent alimony.

That is a LOT of alimony, child support, spousal support, etc. But when you marry a celebrity you might be able to get away with these requests. We’ll see.


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