Tim Duncan Officially Divorced

Tim Duncan has officially divorced from his wife, Amy Duncan.  The San Antonio Express-News first announced that the couple finalized their divorce in a secret hearing outside of the court.393px-Tim_Duncan

The decision to do a hearing outside of court is because they didn’t want the publicity of being in court.  There has been many stories circulating revolving the infidelity allegations on both parties.  Holding a hearing in court would contribute to the publicity that the couple has regarding their case.  The details of their divorce settlement, including child custody and division of martial assets, are not public.

The state District Judge, David A. Canales, granted the divorce between the Duncans.  It was done during his lunch hour at the offices of Tim Duncan’s lawyer, Sue Hall.  Both lawyers were present for the hearing.  There is a rare occurrence where the judge will do a “home” visit.  Canales noted for a judge to hold an on-the-record- hearing outside of court is not unusual; however, it was the first time he was requested to do such a thing.  Additionally, Judge Canales pointed out that when he receives an agreement in a divorce case, it is not mandatory to give public notice of the hearing.  The Duncans ultimately were able to settle their divorce behind closed doors and hopefully keep the paparazzi out of their hair.


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