Steve Nash Avoiding Child Support

Steve Nash is forcefully keeping his ex-wife, Alejandra Nash, out of California.  She is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona with their 3 children.  She wants to move to Los Angeles with the kids so that the kids are able to spend more time with their father.  Unfortunately, Nash doesn’t want any of them moving over to Los Angeles, not because he doesn’t love them, but because he doesn’t want to pay for child support after their move to the Golden state.

The current situation leaves Alejandra stuck in Arizona due to Steve’s restraining order.  Although he admits that he misses his children terribly and wants to spend more time with them, he is scared that, if he pays Alejandra child support after her move to Los Angeles, she will spoil their children with unnecessary luxuries.  He argues that her move to Los Angeles can be harmful to their children because he may not be staying in that area in the future, therefore, uprooting the children once more.  He says he may be traded or forced to retire, so his family’s move to be closer to him would be a waste.

Steve has already convinced the divorce judge in Arizona that Alejandra does not need child support.  He notes that he has made her rich with millions of dollars in their divorce settlement.  Moreover, she makes over $30,000 a month.  He already pays for 90% of medical, school and extracurricular activities, as well as 82% of the nanny’s $2,000/month salary.  Steve says that any more money that he pays to Alejandra will be wasted on expensive luxuries that their children do not need.


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