Host of “My Fair Wedding” Splits from Partner

Longtime domestic partners, David Tutera and Ryan Jurica, have filed documents to ender their domestic partnership.  David Tutera, the host of “My Fair Wedding” filed the documents.  However, two days prior, Ryan Jurica filed documents to end his partnership also.  The difference is that Tutera filed in Los Angeles, CA, whereas Jurica filed his documents in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, Jurica claims the damage to his relationship is a result of Tutera’s untamable “sexual appetite.”  TMZ spread the news that the couple tried to repair their civil union with marriage counseling and therapy to no avail.  It came to the point where “[David] engaged in a pattern of hiring sex escorts and prostitutes to support his addiction,” Jurica notes in his documentation.  The addiction and breakup led Jurica into a darkness of alcohol abuse; his reaction toward the break up led him to check himself into an in-patient alcohol rehabilitation center, according to Bettina D. Hindin, Jurica’s lawyer.

Although the two partners plan to separate, they are still expecting to be parents to twins.  They have a surrogate giving birth for them in July.  Tutera is requesting full legal and physical custody of the twins and only wants to give Jurica visitation rights.  Furthermore, Tutera refuses to pay any spousal support and requests that Jurica pay for all his attorney fees.  Although the couple is not bound by a marriage, they are filed as “in a domestic partnership.”  The legal documents show that irreconcilable differences was the reason for the split.  Even if they are not officially in a marriage, they will have to abide by the rules that California stands by in regards to civil unions.


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