Dwayne Wade’s Divorce Issues Continue

Dwayne Wade, a NBA Miami Heat player, filed for divorce from his wife in 2007 and had it finalized in 2010.  However, his divorce is still haunting him as his wife is rallied outside of Chicago’s Daley Center on July 19 with a sign saying “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets.”  His ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, protested to the final decision the court had made regarding the distribution of marital assets with Dwayne Wade.Dwyane_Wade

The court was to decide a permanent financial agreement, and declared a temporary deal in the meantime.  This temporary deal was supposed to give Funches-Wade $25,000 per month in spousal support along with $10,000 a month for travel and living expenses.  However, Funches-Wade obviously didn’t agree to the financial agreement.  In addition to financial debate, child custody was also another issue of concern.  Funches-Wade asked for more visitation rights and sued Wade for even more money from the endorsements he’s made in the past.  Unfortunately for Funches-Wade, Wade was awarded sole custody of all their children in 2011.  She again protested in 2012 by failing to return her kids to their father’s care on time.  That incident led to her arrest for attempted child abduction.  She eventually asked for more visitation rights and sued for more money from Wade’s endorsements, but dismissed her lawsuits in July 2013.

The divorce that ended years ago has continued to pop up in recent times for Dwayne Wade.  But according to the South Florida Sun-Setinel, Wade’s attorney put a statement to the public to address Wade’s ex-wife’s behavior.  He assures that a financial settlement between Wade and Funches-Wade was made on July 16, a few days before Funches-Wade’s protest.  He also states that Wade is paying his ex-wife with an income that will allow her to pay for a “home mortgage, maintenance and security at the house, 4 cars, insurance, taxes and all of her attorney fees throughout this process.”  Now, we hope that the financial dispute will be over and both Wade and his ex-wife can live amicably for their two children.


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