Divorce Drama for Dodger CEO

Dodger CEO, Jaime McCourt, has motioned to throw out her settlement with her ex-husband, Frank McCourt.  She insists that he has misled her regarding the complete value of their Dodger ownership.  She settled her divorce with Frank with $131 million from their ownership.  However, Frank sold the Dodgers for $2 billion a few months after their settlement.  This enraged Jaime and encouraged her to file a motion against her own settlement.

Scott Gordon, Superior Court Judge ruling on McCourt’s motion, denied the motion for having little to no evidence to prove that she was cheated of money through the Dodgers.  The rule was not unexpected and Jaime’s attorney planned to appeal it.  Gordon based his ruling with Jaime McCourt stating that she “had the information, knowledge, experience and evidence that the value of the Dodger assets was greater than what she indicates in her moving papers, which she replied upon in entering into the settlement of this matter.”

Jaime and Frank McCourt divorced in Oct 2010, and just less than a year later, the Dodgers went bankrupt.  She took from their divorce $131 million tax-free and many luxurious homes while Frank decided to sell the Dodgers.  There are court documents that were filed that states that Jaime McCourt did an estimate value of the team, the Dodger Stadium, as well as the parking lots around the stadium, which totaled to $2 billion. While Frank did not testify over the motion from Jaime, one of his attorneys did voice that Frank paid more than $460 million in state and federal taxes after the sale of the Dodgers.


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