Aaron Dishon

Top Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County, California

Aaron Dishon is the managing partner at Dishon & Block Divorce Attorneys, which has offices in Los Angeles (Century City) and Orange County (Irvine). While Aaron cannot reveal his star clients, he is known as a tough negotiator in complex divorce cases, a proponent of no-conflict arbitration and an expert on family law’s many subjects from what to do with the wedding ring to the legalities of child custody to how to deal with a cheating spouse.

Aaron is also fast becoming an expert on divorce and technology. He is the first lawyer in California to bring the touch-of-a-button California Child & Spousal Support Guideline Calculator App to iPhone and iPad users.  Available now at the iTunes App Store, Dishon & Block’s “divorce calculator app” allows those who are separated, divorced or just considering divorce to easily run their own financial calculations without turning to an attorney for help.

In addition, Aaron recently released a cool infographic with case studies about How Family Law Attorneys Use Social Media Evidence in Court Cases. The infographic shows how cases are being won as courts are now allowing text and images from Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, smart phone texts. He can also answer the question: Is spyware legal?

Aaron is also a burgeoning family law online publisher. In addition to running CelebDivorceNews, he has a oft-updated blog at the Dishon & Block website California Divorce Guide News where he shares his decades of experience about all aspects of divorce. Some of the latest stories from Dishon & Block News include:

Aaron Dishon, Senior Partner
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