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Dwayne Wade’s Divorce Issues Continue

Dwayne Wade, a NBA Miami Heat player, filed for divorce from his wife in 2007 and had it finalized in 2010.  However, his divorce is still haunting him as his wife is rallied outside of Chicago’s Daley Center on July 19 with a sign saying “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets.”  His ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, protested to the final decision the court had made regarding the distribution of marital assets with Dwayne Wade.Dwyane_Wade

The court was to decide a permanent financial agreement, and declared a temporary deal in the meantime.  This temporary deal was supposed to give Funches-Wade $25,000 per month in spousal support along with $10,000 a month for travel and living expenses.  However, Funches-Wade obviously didn’t agree to the financial agreement.  In addition to financial debate, child custody was also another issue of concern.  Funches-Wade asked for more visitation rights and sued Wade for even more money from the endorsements he’s made in the past.  Unfortunately for Funches-Wade, Wade was awarded sole custody of all their children in 2011.  She again protested in 2012 by failing to return her kids to their father’s care on time.  That incident led to her arrest for attempted child abduction.  She eventually asked for more visitation rights and sued for more money from Wade’s endorsements, but dismissed her lawsuits in July 2013.

The divorce that ended years ago has continued to pop up in recent times for Dwayne Wade.  But according to the South Florida Sun-Setinel, Wade’s attorney put a statement to the public to address Wade’s ex-wife’s behavior.  He assures that a financial settlement between Wade and Funches-Wade was made on July 16, a few days before Funches-Wade’s protest.  He also states that Wade is paying his ex-wife with an income that will allow her to pay for a “home mortgage, maintenance and security at the house, 4 cars, insurance, taxes and all of her attorney fees throughout this process.”  Now, we hope that the financial dispute will be over and both Wade and his ex-wife can live amicably for their two children.


Jas Patrick Fights with Ex for Custody

Jas Patric and his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Schreiber, are fighting for child custody rights.  Patric was a part of a fertility treatment and donated sperm to his former girlfriend in 2009.  Schreiber eventually got pregnant with his sperm and is fighting him in a custody battle.

Patric, star of The Lost Boys, Sleepers, and My Sister’s Keeper, decided that he wants to help raise his child, Gus (3).  He wants partial custody and told the Los Angeles Times that he has had a “loving relationship” with his son.  The decision to have a child was mutual between Patric and Schreiber.  Additionally, Patric has cared, supported, and raised Gus along with his mother.  He feels no need to be absent in his son’s life.  However, Schreiber notes that “when Jason offered [her] his sperm, it was under the condition that his donation never be made public and that he would not be a father to the child.”  Patric defends his need to be a part of his son’s life by telling the Los Angeles Times that “no child should have to endure a painful separation from a parent who loves that child because the other parent is no longer willing to share the child and asserts a legal technicality.”

Although a judge ruled that Patric was only a donor and does not constitute him eligible to sue for custody, he has made an effort to change what justice has come to both legally and legislatively.  The California state assembly is now looking to vote on a bill in August 2013 that will allow courts to grant parental rights to sperm donors under broader conditions, such as acknowledging his/her child.


Jane Lynch– Marriage Officially Over

The union between Jane Lynch and Dr. Lara Embry is coming to a close.  The couple married in June 2010 in Sunderland, Mass. after meeting at a gala for the National Center for Lesbian Rights in 2009.  Jane Lynch, an actress on the hit television show “Glee,” and Lara Embry, a psychologist, are both residents of California and will certainly look to the Los Angeles Superior Court to finalize their decision to divorce.

The couple decided to host their union in Massachusetts because it was one of the states that legalized same-sex marriage at an early onset.  Historically, it became the first state in the United States that issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples in May 2004.  California was not able to issue marriage licenses to gay couples until June 2008, but stopped issuing them when Prop 8 passed and suspended same-sex marriages starting November 2008.  Although same-sex marriages were barred, California still recognized couples who were granted marriage licenses when it was legal.  Fortunately for Jane and Lara, they do not need to worry about dissolving their marriage in California.

A bigger issue that presents itself is the splitting of assets.  Since California is a community property state, the couple will need to split evenly the assets that were obtained during their marriage.  While Lara does well as a psychologist, Jane almost certainly profited ten-folds with her participation in the tv series, “Glee.”  But again, all profits that were acquired during their marriage will be split evenly.  Both Jane and Lara have been residents of California for years, so divorce in California is the most logical.  With all the progress gay marriage has seen in the recent weeks, it is unfortunate to see such an outstanding couple file for divorce.