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Steve Nash Avoiding Child Support

Steve Nash is forcefully keeping his ex-wife, Alejandra Nash, out of California.  She is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona with their 3 children.  She wants to move to Los Angeles with the kids so that the kids are able to spend more time with their father.  Unfortunately, Nash doesn’t want any of them moving over to Los Angeles, not because he doesn’t love them, but because he doesn’t want to pay for child support after their move to the Golden state.

The current situation leaves Alejandra stuck in Arizona due to Steve’s restraining order.  Although he admits that he misses his children terribly and wants to spend more time with them, he is scared that, if he pays Alejandra child support after her move to Los Angeles, she will spoil their children with unnecessary luxuries.  He argues that her move to Los Angeles can be harmful to their children because he may not be staying in that area in the future, therefore, uprooting the children once more.  He says he may be traded or forced to retire, so his family’s move to be closer to him would be a waste.

Steve has already convinced the divorce judge in Arizona that Alejandra does not need child support.  He notes that he has made her rich with millions of dollars in their divorce settlement.  Moreover, she makes over $30,000 a month.  He already pays for 90% of medical, school and extracurricular activities, as well as 82% of the nanny’s $2,000/month salary.  Steve says that any more money that he pays to Alejandra will be wasted on expensive luxuries that their children do not need.


End of Clint Eastwood’s Marriage?

Clint Eastwood and wife, Dina Eastwood, are heading toward divorce in the near future.  Nothing has been filed yet, although Rader Online claims that the estranged couple will “most likely file for divorce” once Dina is released from a rehab facility for anxiety and depression.  Clues, such as spending their anniversary apart and not wearing their wedding bands, point toward a dark future for the couple.

Radar Online reports that there is no third party that may have caused the couple’s split.  The reason for the split is simply because “Dina and Clint have drifted apart.”  Clint is enamored with his job, and that bothers Dina.  She doesn’t agree with the working lifestyle that Clint has adopted.  On the other hand, Dina’s reality show, “Mrs. Eastwood and Company,” also irked Clint because he wants his personal life to be kept private.  All in all, they both are starting to realize their differences.  Unfortunately for Dina, Clint is the center of her world and this split puts her in a “very bad place.”  Once her daughter with Clint, Morgan Eastwood, heads to college, she will be alone.

It is normal to feel more alone during a split.  It is important to remain positive and create positive relationships with the people around you.  Over time, you will eventually feel less hurt, and more content with where life is taking you.  It is a long process to overcome the sadness that comes with a broken marriage.  However, the pain will eventually subside and will allow you to open your heart to love again.  Don’t hide away your grief.  Make sure you are absorbing all your feelings.  Once you realize how you are feeling, it will allow to learn and grow and become a better version of yourself.


Host of “My Fair Wedding” Splits from Partner

Longtime domestic partners, David Tutera and Ryan Jurica, have filed documents to ender their domestic partnership.  David Tutera, the host of “My Fair Wedding” filed the documents.  However, two days prior, Ryan Jurica filed documents to end his partnership also.  The difference is that Tutera filed in Los Angeles, CA, whereas Jurica filed his documents in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, Jurica claims the damage to his relationship is a result of Tutera’s untamable “sexual appetite.”  TMZ spread the news that the couple tried to repair their civil union with marriage counseling and therapy to no avail.  It came to the point where “[David] engaged in a pattern of hiring sex escorts and prostitutes to support his addiction,” Jurica notes in his documentation.  The addiction and breakup led Jurica into a darkness of alcohol abuse; his reaction toward the break up led him to check himself into an in-patient alcohol rehabilitation center, according to Bettina D. Hindin, Jurica’s lawyer.

Although the two partners plan to separate, they are still expecting to be parents to twins.  They have a surrogate giving birth for them in July.  Tutera is requesting full legal and physical custody of the twins and only wants to give Jurica visitation rights.  Furthermore, Tutera refuses to pay any spousal support and requests that Jurica pay for all his attorney fees.  Although the couple is not bound by a marriage, they are filed as “in a domestic partnership.”  The legal documents show that irreconcilable differences was the reason for the split.  Even if they are not officially in a marriage, they will have to abide by the rules that California stands by in regards to civil unions.


Jason Aldean Files for Divorce from High School Sweetheart

Country singer Jason Aldean and his high school sweetheart, Jessica Ussery, are getting divorced after 12 years of marriage.  A public photograph of Aldean showed that he got intimate with “American Idol” contestant, Brittany Kerr, at a bar.  Shortly after, he put out a public apology and worked on his marriage with Ussery.  They even walked the red carpet together a couple months after his affair.  Unfortunately, their marriage did not get much better and Aldean filed for divorce under irreconcilable differences in a Williamson County, Tenn. court. 449px-Jasonaldean

Infidelity can greatly affect a divorce case depending how you approach it.  Katherine Eisold Miller, a collaborative lawyer and family mediator, explains important factors of an extra-marital relationship that can change the course of the divorce.  In the United States, adultery does not have much impact on the distribution of assets unless the cheating spouse uses his/her marital assets to support the extra-marital relationship.  Furthermore, adultery will not impact child custody as long as the children were not exposed to the extra-marital relationship during the affair.  Even if the affair did not affect your children in its course, if the affair is a result of the straying spouse transmitting a STD to his/her spouse, it is considered a personal injury called interspousal tort.

Out of all the problematic outcomes that can result from an affair, the biggest influence adultery can have on a divorce is in the negotiation of settlement.  Statistically, divorce cases are likely to be settled.  The best way to get what you want out of your divorce settlement is to prepare your emotions.  Your emotions play a big role in your negotiation and can drastically change the course of your settlement terms. It is best to allow your family law attorney to guide you through your divorce as calmly as possible.